We will offer long-term financing on all of our homes with easy qualification.

1. You must be employed or have an acceptable source of income.
Being self-employed or a small business owner is OK.


2. You must have saved your own money for the down payment.


3. Your credit does not need to be perfect.
We do not make decisions based solely on credit scores. We overlook certain entries, but may
focus more strongly on other entries. Having little or no credit will NOT disqualify you.


4. We also conduct a criminal background check. A criminal history may disqualify you.

5. There is no balloon payment.

6. There is no pre-payment penalty.
You may refinance at any time without penalty, or not refinance at all.
We work with many applicants that cannot get bank financing for various reasons.

7. There are no mortgage points. It is all pretty simple and straight-forward.


8. We may finance non-owner occupied with some additional requirements.